The Whole30 is becoming second nature at this point.  I am not having to think too much about it anymore.  I have come up with a good number of go-tos.  And I have gotten pretty good at throwing something together when the pickin’s get slim.

The only time I want sugar or a muffin is when I see it or think of it.  I can’t decide which comes first: the craving or the thought.  Oh well.  I am certainly not feeling like I really have to have it.  It’s just kind of a hmmm, that sounds good but I will pass (quick! make a mental note of that tasty treat for post whole30….kidding).

So here’s what I ate:

Day 15:

Breakfast – CBB Milkshake, 2 apple slices with HOMEMADE cashew butter YUM!

Lunch – 2 fried eggs, sauteed spinach & mushrooms, strawberries, and leftover butternut squash

Snack – Celery, cashew butter, and raisins

DinnerPrimal Pepperoni Pizza Casserole with homemade pizza sauce (I added fresh basil, garlic, onion powder and sea salt), salad

Snack – Celery, cashew butter, raisins

Day 16:

BreakfastPumpkin Breakfast Pudding (PBP), CBB Milkshake, 2 fried eggs

Lunch – Cashews, dried apples (crazy busy day on the go)

Dinner – (which I snatched out of the crockpot at 4pm before heading to my dentist appointment and then again after) Korean beef (I used shoulder roast), onions and pineapple

Snack – Celery, cashew butter, raisins

Day 17:

Breakfast – CBB Milkshake, PBP

Snack – Larabar

Lunch – Canned wild tuna, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper over salad. 1/2 grassfed beef hot dog, cantelope

Snack – Celery, cashew butter, raisins, pineapple

Dinner – Leftover pizza casserole, kale chips

Day 18:

Breakfast – 2 fried eggs, avocado, CBB Milkshake, PBP

Lunch – Sauteed zucchini, onion, and hot dog with pizza sauce over kale

Snack – Apples and cashew butter (tastes like apple pie!)

DinnerPrimal tacos over lettuce with avocado, salsa, sauteed onions and peppers, pineapple

Snack – Larabar

Day 19:

Breakfast – 2 fried eggs, avocado, ABC Milkshake

Lunch – Grassfed beef hot dog, cantelope

Snack – Larabar and my lunch was not enough so I dipped into the Pizza soup in the crockpot at around 3:30. That’s twice in one week the crockpot saved me!

DinnerPizza soup, sweet potato

Day 20:

Breakfast – 2 fried eggs, ABC Milkshake

Lunch – Pizza soup

Snack – Apple

Dinner – Mushroom burger and green beans at Fresco’s (great place – Jeff said it was the best GF pizza he’s had and I did take a nibble of their GF bun, which Jeff ate, and it was SO good!  Light and fluffy and tasty.)

Day 21:

Breakfast – ABC Milkshake

Lunch – Pork carnitas (only meat with no soy, FYI) salad at Chipotle (no beans no dressing – still delicious), apple

Dinner – Sausage, sauteed green cabbage (the coconut oil gives it such a yummy flavor – I could eat it all day!), salad, cauliflower


I am currently on Day 25.  Six more days!  Actually I am not counting down the days like I thought I would.  I have been very happy eating this way.  More so than I thought.  A few things I have learned:

1.  You can get over your sugar craving!  I love being able to look at a sugary treat and feel like I could take it or leave it.  I am not as sad about that as I thought I would be.

2.  Protein for breakfast is essential for me.  Without it I tend to be hungry a lot more through out the day.

3.  I really like fried eggs!

4.  When you eat less carbs, it is A LOT easier to get in more fruits and veggies.


I am starting to think about post-Whole30–my goals and plans.  I will share those next week!